Padua, a city of waters

Navigation on inland canals, running along Padua's ancient walls, venetian bastions and rivieras, up to the historical centre of the city.
The Venetian Villas of the Brenta Riviera

Navigation on boat and motor-ship throug Venetian Villas and the Brenta Riviera, from Padua to Venice along the ancient waterway of the venetian "burchielli" of XVIII century.
Villas and Castles of the Euganean Riviera

Navigation on boat through Villas and Castles of te Euganean Riviera from Padua to Monselice and viceversa, following the ancient waterway that runs along Natural Park of Colli Euganei.
The Pontelongo Canal

Navigation on boat and motor-ship along the ancient salt waterway in the middle of green, the expanse of the drained plain and the South Venetian Laguna, from Pontelongo to Chioggia or Venice and viceversa.
River Bacchiglione

Navigation on boat and motor-ship, in the luxuriant and entangled vegetation, along a meandering way made of tight fluvial bends and banks full of willows, poplars, plane-trees and other kinds of trees.
The Brentella Canal
Naturalistic navigation on boat between the luxuriant vegetation and the quick running water.