Consorzio Battellieri di Padova e della Riviera del Brenta

The province of Padua is the only Venetian area with a wide range of navigable fluvial courses.

It has seven water courses, Fiume Brenta, Canale Piovego, Fiume Bacchiglione, Canale Battaglia, Canale Bisato, Canale Pontelongo, Canale Bretella, five of which very appealing to tourists.

As a landmark, the Consorzio Battellieri- the Boatmen Union- gathers the authorised organizations navigating the waterways of Padova and the Brenta Rivera.

The Consorzio carries out activities of coordination, advertising, marketing, promotion and planning of the development of fluvial navigation, offering guarantees of image and quality of its services, information and logistic and organizative attendance.

The presence in the Consorzio of Navigation Societies, which are also Incoming Operators, is able to offer an integrated local services system, guarantees, moreover, a great and varied offers both of in chartering boats and stay-programs for many different targets.